I absolutely love this post. It’s not only beautifully written, but the content brings so much insights.

moment of discovery

Minimalism has become very important to me lately. I hauled bags of clothes and other items to the thrift store the other day. These were things that I didn’t think that I could do without, but in the days following their departure I haven’t found myself missing them at all.

Clearing unnecessary clutter out of my room gives me a sense of peace, an easiness that comes with letting go. I’ve realized that the things that I hold onto are really artificial representations of the experiences I wish to have (or have already had). By letting go of what I thought I had to cling to, I have empty arms ready to receive what matters.

My mind now gravitates toward the elements that ignite great joy: reading, writing, friendships, nature, and creativity are the few that come to mind. Without these, I feel lethargic and devoid of any form of sustainable energy. I’m like a…

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